Farm Financial Management

The resources and links below are aids for Farm Financial Management.  Use these in addition to more general resources and links found on the Agriculture Programs page.


There is an opportunity for folks who have never farmed before to gain some knowledge and experience in the New Farmers Academy, a program supported by Tennessee State University.  This academy is a unique school, meeting once a month from March through September.  This is a look at farm business and marketing basics to help build management skills.  Basic agricultural practices are also covered in each session.  There are a wide range of topics here, from plant to animal to value-added concepts.  There is also hands-on experiences with some of the sessions that will help develop production skills.  
Contact Finis Stribling at for details and questions. 

Contact Information

John Teague
Extension Agent and County Director, Agriculture
Phone: 931-684-5971

Kevin Ferguson
Extension Area Specialist