Bedford County Farmers Market

2020 Collage June

The Bedford County Farmers Market is based on our vendors who produce locally-grown products in season. Come by for tomatoes, squash, peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon, okra and much more produce along with baked goods, goat milk soap and lotions and jams.  

*New Update!*

The opening of the 2022 Season will be July 7, 2022.

The Bedford County Farmers Market at the Farmers Market Pavilion next to the big blue water tower at Celebration Grounds will open on Thursday, July 7, at 2:30 pm. This has been a very difficult season, and the number of vendors and their supply may be short. We ask for your patience as we open the market.

Farmers market opening announcment for July 7 2022

Contact Information

John Teague
Extension Agent

Whitney Danhof
Extension Agent

Vendor Information

Click here for information for  Farmers Market vendors.

Pictures from the Market

Below are pictures from past year’s markets to see what might be available each week.

FM June Week 1 Cover
June Week 1
FM June Week 3 Cover
June Week 3
FM July Week 1 Cover
July Week 1
FM July Week 3 Cover
July Week 3
FM August Week 1 Cover
August Week 1
FM August Week 3 Cover
August Week 3
FM September Week 1 Cover
September Week 1​
FM September Week 3 Cover
September Week 3
FM June Week 2 Cover
June Week 2
FM June Week 4 Cover
June Week 4
FM July Week 2 Cover
July Week 2
FM July Week 4 Cover
July Week 4
FM August Week 2 Cover
August Week 2
FM August Week 4 Cover
August Week 4
FM September Week 2 Cover
September Week 2
FM September Week 4 Cover
September Week 4

Our Vendors